Yasmine Yesiltan, Production Manager

Yasmine’s background in quality testing new software and installation at an internationally-based corporation made her the perfect candidate for our production department at ASJ Company. She has taken specialized courses in graphic design, basic programming and software development. Yasmine was an integral part in the development of KidMonitor™, an internet child protection software program for parents that monitored computer activity.

As production manager at ASJ Company, Yasmine makes sure the production of the project goes smoothly and efficiently, and that the team stays on track to meet the client’s deadline.

A large part of her responsibilities on the team is to make sure that all necessary items are logged in before creative brainstorming takes place. Yasmine keeps a close eye on what needs to be accomplished before hand in order to limit the risk of miscommunication while the project is in development.

In addition to her primary duties as production manager, Yasmine works closely with the lead project manager to keep things organized and also assists in the budget parameters set forth on any given production.